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Whole-Body Approach to Your Health & Wellness

You don’t have to try and find all the answers on your own when it comes to your health. At Ciao Bella, our physicians and staff have the experience and the knowledge to help you manage and control your weight, improve your nutrition, and get you off the diet roller coaster through our personalized nutrition and weight loss solutions.

Personalized Nutrition & Weight Loss

Health & Happiness

Weight management is crucial for improving and sustaining human health, happiness, and productivity. Many Americans have found the effort required to maintain a healthy weight can be difficult and stressful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69 percent of American adults are overweight or obese, resulting in a variety of health problems. Adopting a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight enhances vitality and decreases disease incidence.

Diet and exercise will undoubtedly remain the cornerstones of any good weight management regimen. As part of a whole-body approach to healthcare, the physicians and staff at Ciao Bella in Frisco, Texas, realize the crucial role of proper weight control. They are eager to design a comprehensive, individualized, and results-oriented weight management program for you. You will not only feel more energized, healthy, and confident, but you will also receive constant support. Schedule a consultation with Ciao Bella, and let's begin immediately!

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Kayla (Ricks) Hair - Nutritionist, Certified Laser Professional, Laser Safety Officer

Nutrition and exercise

Sensible Solutions

It is essential to learn how to eat sensibly and exercise daily. You will lose weight if you consistently burn more calories daily than you take in. Your process of losing weight can be "jump-started" and supported by our well-established medical nutrition and weight loss treatments. Many people try to reduce weight on their own but fail. Patients who enroll in weight loss programs under medical supervision have access to the resources and encouragement they need to lose weight and keep it off. A great mix combines sensible lifestyle choices with cutting-edge medical advice and direction.

Our Approach

Results that Work

A variety of customized approaches are used in your medically-aided weight management. A lifestyle change can produce fantastic outcomes for a lot of people. Your new strategy begins with an initial consultation. Then, your wellness coach will thoroughly analyze your medical and lifestyle history to build a proactive, individualized weight management plan. This evaluation will involve a confidential weigh-in and analysis of body composition. In addition, your Frisco weight loss physician may order a full blood test to detect hormonal imbalances influencing your body weight.

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Your Consultation

Your doctor will inquire about your weight history, including previous dieting efforts.

You will receive a series of coaching sessions at Ciao Bella. Regularly planned follow-up appointments will monitor your progress and provide you with the necessary resources to succeed. Changing your food and eating routine, raising your level of physical activity, adjusting your sleep and rest patterns, and enhancing your mood and optimism are essential and foolproof steps toward the effective and long-term weight management Frisco residents can receive at Ciao Bella Med Spa.

At Ciao Bella, our weight reduction therapy may employ lipotropic fat-burning injections to reset your metabolism and rewire your body to rapidly release stored fat. A daily dose of HCG injections will suppress your hunger, raise your metabolism and energy level, and improve your general sense of well-being by increasing endorphins and serotonin. Under the direction of our physician, quick weight loss can be achieved without the loss of lean muscle mass when paired with a diet and exercise program. As you attain your weight loss objective, we will assist you in developing a plan to prevent weight gain.

What is the HCG diet?

A Results-driven Plan

On the HCG diet, patients at Ciao Bella may lose between a half pound and up to one pound daily. Unlike other weight loss clinics, Dr. Ricks supervises your program from beginning to end to enhance your outcomes and ensure your safety. HCG is a hormone produced by the body during the early stages of pregnancy.

Throughout your ten-week comprehensive HCG weight loss treatment, you will receive daily injections of 125 units of HCG. Along with a professionally formulated 500-calorie diet plan to follow. Your success hinges on following your diet guidelines to the letter. These HCG Diet injections destroy fat literally. This minimal caloric intake satisfies the body because the HCG injections release 1,500-2,000 calories from fat cells. This is how such rapid weight loss is accomplished. In addition, it is believed that HCG resets the hypothalamus, reducing feelings of hunger.

Your HCG Diet Plan

Personalized Plan

Dr. Ricks strongly feels that a ten-week treatment with a maintenance phase is essential. The six-week maintenance period that follows the HCG diet prevents yo-yo dieting and rebound weight gain. Your HCG diet will consist of the following three phases:

Weight Loss Phase

You will adhere to the customized HCG diet for around four weeks. Dr. Ricks offers a scientifically established diet plan to follow. During the weight loss phase, you are restricted to 500 calories and two meals per day, typically lunch and dinner. During this period, you will receive HCG injections combined with the Myers Cocktail and a high dose of biotin. These two medicines combined lessen the potential adverse effect of transitory, minor hair loss—resulting from the very low-calorie diet.

Maintenance Phase

During the maintenance phase, you will stop receiving HCG injections and gradually increase your food intake for three weeks, avoiding sugar and carbohydrates. Those wanting minor weight reduction may spend three weeks in the intermediate phase. However, those seeking significant weight loss may be encouraged to follow the diet for six weeks or even to repeat the entire cycle several times.

Loading Phase

You consume an abundance of high-calorie, high-fat items for the first two days.

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Find a Nutrition & Weight Loss Program that Works!

Getting and staying at the right weight is vital for your health and happiness and can also improve your life. At Ciao Bella Med Spa in Frisco, TX, Dr. Ricks and the nutrition specialists would love to help you get back in charge of your quality of life.

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Nutrition & Weight LossFrequently Asked Questions

Costs will depend on the type of nutrition and weight loss program you choose. Your treatment plan is personalized to your unique body needs.

The HCG Diet could be the answer if you are overweight or just need to lose a few pounds and want to be thinner, healthier, and look better. It is critical that you do not attempt to try this diet on your own. The HCG weight loss plan should only be done with close supervision from a doctor like Dr. Ricks.

If you have health problems caused by your weight, your insurance may cover all or part of the costs. However, Ciao Bella does offer payment and financing options for your convenience.

Some reported side effects of the HCG diet are irritability, fatigue, possible fluid buildup or swelling, gynecomastia in men and boys, blood clots, and blood vessel blockage (thromboembolism). Also, people with gout or gallstones shouldn't get HCG diet injections because the process may cause them.

The HCG shots make your fat cells release between 1,500 and 2,000 calories. While on this medically supervised diet, our patients don't feel hungry, making it easier to stick with their diet plan.

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