Hormone Replacement Therapy in Frisco, TX

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What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormones regulate just about every system and function of the body. As we age, our natural levels of hormones can decrease, affecting energy levels, mental focus, sexual function, appearance, and overall health. Most are common with the effects of menopause on women, but men are also affected by drops in hormone levels. At Ciao Bella Medical Spa, Dr. Jon Ricks and his team offer cutting-edge hormone replacement therapy in Frisco, TX to help men and women balance their hormone levels for improved sexual health, mental health, energy, focus, and well-being. If you're not quite feeling like you used to or are experiencing the negative impacts of menopause, contact our office today to learn more about hormone replacement therapy and to schedule a consultation with our experienced team.

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

Hormone replacement therapy works to supplement your body's hormone levels with lab-produced hormones or bioidentical hormones (typically plant-based) via a small pellet inserted under the skin, injections, or pills. For women, typically this means estrogen supplementation; for men, it is testosterone. Once you begin your hormone replacement therapy, your hormone levels will begin to rise (usually around 4 – 8 weeks) to the levels they were at when you were younger. The effects can be dramatic, increasing energy, libido, and sexual function, improving memory and concentration, enhancing skin health and appearance, reducing or improving hair loss, reducing the side effects of menopause, and much more.

Am I A Candidate For Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Candidates for hormone replacement therapy typically include people over the age of 40 experiencing age-related declines in hormone levels. Usually, this means women experiencing the effects of menopause (hot flashes, weight gain, sleep issues, etc.) and men experiencing andropause (drops in testosterone levels) which can cause muscle loss, low energy, sexual dysfunction, etc. People with a history of certain cancers, stroke, heart disease, liver disease, or may be pregnant or considering becoming pregnant may not be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. During your consultation with our team, we will listen to your concerns and review your medical history to determine the best method of hormone replacement and that you're a good candidate for this transformative procedure.

Reenergize Your Life

You don't have to learn to live with age-related hormone loss or the negative effects of hormonal imbalances. Reclaim your vitality, energy, sexuality, and zest for life with a personalized hormone replacement therapy in Frisco, TX at Ciao Bella Medical Spa. Contact our team today to learn more about this revolutionary treatment and what it can do for you, and then schedule a consultation. Let us help you restore the health and vigor the younger you had with your own hormone replacement therapy plan.

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