Laser Skin Resurfacing in Frisco, TX

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What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Countless patients of all ages are bothered by bumpy skin, scars, and undesired wrinkles. To fix these issues, Ciao Bella Medical Spa offers skin resurfacing with the Alma Hybrid™, which is a customizable aesthetic service that harnesses CO2 ablative and nonablative laser energy. By pairing both the 1570nm and CO2 devices in one machine, laser treatments with the Hybrid are great at taming fine lines, sun spots, scarring, and an uneven complexion. Alma's Hybrid technology is well-known for its capability of personalizing several variables, such as the intensity of the energy's penetration. Depending on the condition of your complexion, the device can be altered as needed. With accuracy and efficiency, skin resurfacing sessions can take as little as 10 – 20 minutes to pass over the entire face. Dr. Jon Ricks and our talented team in Frisco, TX, are happy to offer this innovative option to let people experience softer, youthful, and healthier skin.

Laser Skin Resurfacing FAQ

How can I allow my skin to heal after a resurfacing service?
A cosmetic specialist on our skilled team will discuss the ways you can accelerate your complexion's recovery after a laser service. The most important piece of advice is to not pick at the skin, as can result in long-term damage, including scarring. You should pause all methods of hair removal on the lasered tissue, which includes shaving, threading, or hair removal ointments. For most people, we could also give you a cream to help relieve and encourage healing in the treated places.

How is laser skin resurfacing with the Hybrid by Alma carried out?
Throughout your Hybrid laser procedure, you will ease back in a private treatment room as the Hybrid laser device's handpiece is guided over your targeted areas, effectively targeting the outer surfaces for improvement. Both the ablative and non-ablative energy is administered within the same burst onto the skin. This allows for shorter treatment times at our office and decreases the odds of overheating the regions. As soon as your treatment is finished, our staff at Ciao Bella Medical Spa will provide all of the needed post-session guidelines to make sure you achieve your ideal outcomes.

How often should I come in for laser resurfacing sessions?
Varying by your desired results, a customized treatment plan will be carefully curated for you. While at your consultation, our aesthetic specialists will let you know how many treatments might be required for you and how often you should get laser skin resurfacing. Sessions will need to be set up with enough time apart to enable you to recover completely.

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